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Can you please provide handling tips for the use and storage of Fillo(phyllo) dough?
  Our dough is made in small, tightly controlled batches using special state of the art equipment that produces silkier, smoother, more refined Fillo. It bakes up delicate and flaky (never tough or brittle), as close to 'handcrafted' as possible.
Guidelines to Using our Fillo:

What do I need to do before I open the box of Fillo Dough?

We sell our fillo either refrigerated or frozen. If you buy frozen you need to defrost it in the fridge for at least 8 hours (or overnight) Doing this step ensures that any frost inside the box won't dampen the fillo and the sheets won't stick together.

Place frozen fillo in the refrigerator for 7-8 hours or overnight to thaw. Allow unopened fillo package to stand at room temperature for about 2 hours before using.

If the fillo is already refrigerated, just remember to leave it on the counter for a couple of hours to come to room temperature before working with it. Again, this small delay will ensure your fillo will be in in tip top shape for your recipe.

HANDLING TIPS: Prepare all the ingredients for the recipe before opening the fillo dough package. When ready, remove fillo and unroll on a large smooth surface. Take off the number of sheets you need and cover them with wax paper, or a clean kitchen towel so they do not dry out.
Re-roll the unused sheets and wrap tightly with plastic wrap and replace in the box or a large zip lock bag.. Fillo dough can be refrozen for up to three weeks or refrigerated for several days after opening.

How thick do you want your fillo?

We sell fillo in three different thicknesses ranging from #4 (thinnest) to a #10 (thickest)

Each box of fillo weighs 1lb and has the number of expected sheets on the side. This is just a guideline. All kinds of things can affect the amount of sheets in a pound of fillo. Humidity, the flour, the equipment, all play a part in the outcome on a particular day/run. If you need a specific number of sheets, you may want to purchase two boxes to be sure you have enough for your recipe.

Our #4 comes in two sizes (14"x18" & 12"x17") and is perfect for most fillo uses. From light sweet pastries or crusts for pie toppings. It's thinness may be harder to handle if you are not used to it. If your filling is juicy or will stay wet, you may look for a heavier dough such at the #7 or #10.

The # 7 is available in one sheet size (14"x18") and is a mid-weight sheet of dough. A great all-purpose choice.

# 10 - Horiatiko,
Also known as Country Style Fillo is also our thickest. Mimicking homemade, our country fillo it is a bit thicker and more forgiving than the thinner versions. Useful for all recipes, perfect for pie crusts, or homemade spanakopita or anywhere you want a thicker firmer bite to your recipe. You get approximately 7 (14" x 18") sheets per 1 lb box.

Our Organic Fillo Family - Whole Wheat Fillo, Organic Spelt Fillo & Organic White Fillo
These organic sheets measure 13" x 18" and are somewhere between a # 4 and a # 7 in thickness - with approximately 16 sheets per box.

And then there is Kataifi, a type of "shredded" Fillo
Traditionally used for making desserts, it is coming into mainstream restaurants with local chefs creating dishes with fish, meats, pie crusts, and many more imaginative uses. It is easy to use and bakes up nice and crispy/crunchy. Comes in a 1lb box.

Can I refreeze any extra fillo?

Absolutely! Re-roll the unused sheets and wrap tightly with plastic wrap and replace in the box or a large zip lock bag.. Fillo dough can be refrozen for up to three months or kept refrigerated for several days after opening.

On our recipe blog you will also find ideas and directions as to how to work with the fillo using photos and descriptions. Please check it here Fillo Talk
Do you have any recipe ideas that I can use with your fillo and fillo shells?
  Please visit our recipes section where you will find a wide variety of recipies ranging from traditional to ethnic to bold and adventurous!
Click here for our Legacy Fillo Recipes
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How can I find out about allergens used in your products?
  The Fillo Factory, Inc. does process foods that may contain Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs, Almonds, Pecans, Pistachios, Macadamia Nuts, Walnuts, and Soy by-products.
Consumers that are allergic to these particular ingredients should read the ingredient statement carefully before consumption. We do have an Allergen Control plan as part of our HACCP program to minimize the likelihood of cross contamination.
Need more info? There is quite a bit of information covering an array of food allergy issues on the internet, including pending food labeling law. Google's search tool will help you get there.
How long will The Fillo Factory products last in my freezer?
  Generally our products will last for a minimum of one year in the freezer when kept frozen at 0° or below.
Where can I buy your organic and or kosher products in my area?
  Please use our store locator to find a grocer or natural foods store near you that carries our retail products. You might want to call ahead to see if they have the exact item you are looking for.
Where can I get a list of the ingredients and the nutritional information as they pertain to each one of your products?
  That information is available on all the product detail pages. There is an image of each nutritional label as it appears on the most recent box and the list of ingredients is on a tab, just below the product images.