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Only the freshest ingredients are used in our regular and organic fillo shells. The lightly-baked pastry cups make it a snap to serve elegant appetizers or desserts in minutes. All you have to do is fill them with your favorite recipe then heat and serve.
The fillo shells are also great for snacks and breakfast treats. You can make mini quiches, or chicken pot pies. Try them in kids lunch boxes for a fun change. Idea: Do you love spanakopita but want to prepare it quickly? Follow a traditional spinach and feta recipe and fill up these cups! Easy and fun to use. Here are some recipes made with our fillo pastry shells.
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Our 6 layer fillo pastry cups are ready to be filled with your favorite recipe MINI FILLO PASTRY SHELLS | 15 Shells

Mini Fillo Pastry Cups for your recipes | 15 shells

Our Price: $5.99
Fillo Factory's ready to fill organic fillo shells ORGANIC MINI FILLO SHELLS | 12 Shells

Organic Pre-Baked Fillo Pastry Shells |12 shells

Our Price: $5.99