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Our frozen and ready to bake appetizers are perfect for every gathering. Attractive, flavorful and easy to serve expected or unexpected guests. They also make a great light meal balanced with a salad or soup. After school snacks, football parties, book clubs, etc. Never be caught without them.
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Assorted Mini Quiche by Fillo Factory Assorted Quiche in Fillo Cups | 6.25 oz

Assorted Quiche in Fillo Cups - Spinach & Cheese, Three Cheese and Mushroom & Peppers | 12 pcs

Our Price: 8.99
Fillo Samosa on a plate open showing the inside vegetables. Organic Samosa Triangles | 8.5 oz

Organic Vegetarian Samosa | 12 pcs

Our Price: 8.99
Spinach & Feta Fillo Triangles | 8.5 oz

Spinach & Cheese Fillo Triangles | 12 pcs (.70 oz triangles)

Our Price: 8.99
Three Cheese Arancini | 8.5 oz

Three Cheese Arancini Bites (12 pcs)

Our Price: 8.99
A plate filled with cocktail franks wrapped in fillo rolls. Nitrate-Free Mini Franks w/Mustard & Sauerkraut | 9 oz.

Nitrate-Free Mini All Beef Franks With Mustard & Sauerkraut wrapped in fillo dough. | 12 pcs

Our Price: 9.59
Organic Hors D'oeuvre Ensemble I | 8.5 oz

Assorted Organic Party Appetizers made with fillo | 12 pcs

Our Price: 9.99
Feta Cheese and Roasted Pepper Roll Ups on a plate Feta & Roasted Pepper Rolls | 8.5 oz.

8.5 oz. Feta & Roasted Pepper Rolls |12 pcs

Our Price: 9.99
Organic Spinach & Feta Fillo Triangles | 8.5 oz

Organic Spinach & Cheese fillo triangles | 12pcs

Our Price: 9.99
Organic Garlic Mashed Potato Puffs | 8.5 oz

Organic Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato Puffs |12 pcs

Our Price: 9.99
Spinach & Feta Fillo Triangles | 12 oz

Spinach & Cheese Fillo Triangles | 12  pcs (1 oz triangles)

Our Price: 9.99
Creamy Brie & Raspberry Fillo Roll Ups Brie & Raspberry in Fillo Roll Ups | 8.75 oz

Creamy Brie & Raspberry Rolls that melt in your mouth. |12 pcs

Our Price: 10.99
Wild Mushroom Risotto on a plate with one open showing the inside. Wild Mushroom Risotto in Fillo | 8.5 oz

Wild Mushroom Risotto wrapped in crispy fillo triangles |12 pcs

Our Price: 10.99
Tyropitakia, small fillo stuffed triangles on a white plate Tyropita Cheese Fillo Triangles | 12 oz

Creamy, Cheesy Fillo Appetizers in fillo triangles | 12 pcs

Our Price: 10.99
Nitrate free beef franks in puff pastry on a white plate Nitrate Free Franks in Blankets | 7oz

Nitrate Free Franks in Blankets (12 pcs)

Our Price: 11.99
BBQ Pulled Pork in Fillo Rolls BBQed Pulled Pork Rolls | 9 oz.

BBQ Pulled Pork Rolls in Crispy Fillo | 12 pcs

Our Price: 11.99